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this needs to be on your radar...
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Embark on the largest adventure ever to grace a handheld!

Estelle Bright and her adopted brother Joshua set out on a long pilgrimage to become Bracers, sworn to uphold justice and peace in the land. But when a dark plot threatens to rekindle the sparks of war, their journey becomes an epic quest to protect Queen, country and honour.

Join the legendary Bracer Guild and travel the world on an epic quest to defend justice within the kingdom.

Enjoy over 50 hours of core gameplay, plus many optional sidequests.

Plan your strategies carefully, making the most of each character, weapon and ability.

The Collector's Edition includes:

  • UMD box featuring art from the original Japanese inlay
  • 5 art cards (art from the original collectible Japanese telephone cards)
  • Soundtrack with a CD busting 33 tracks all packaged in a stylish slim jewel case with inlay
  • The Collector's Edition box


RPGFan - Best Traditional RPG of 2011 RPGamer - Best PSP RPG 2011 RPGamer - Best Story/Dialogue 2011 RPGamer - Most Completed 2011


If you have a PSP and an interest in JRPGs, this needs to be on your radar.
Pocket Gamer Pocket Gamer Gold Award

Amusing characters, a rich setting and great mechanics. We're ready for part 2.

The best JRPG you haven't played yet.

Dynamic Combat mechanics, amusing writing and a fascinating narrative.

Without any doubt one of the most impressive and submerging JRPG games that I have experienced on the PSP.
Girl Gamers UK

Trails is a fantastic game.


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